Animusic is an extremely Y2K animation/music project for which I am nostalgic. Instead of manually animating instruments based on what was happening in the music to create a music video, the creators would create a CGI environment that was programmed to animate itself in response to the MIDI files they put in, like a player piano. At the time, it was pretty technically impressive, and still kind of is! The most viral and best recognized song in the project is "Pipe Dream", which depicts the music as being played by marbles fired out of tubes at a variety of instruments.

While a Kickstarter campaign met its fundraising goal to make a third album, due to health complications, Animusic 3 has remained in development hell since 2010, with its remaining founder citing a variety of issues — though every so often the project exhibits a sign of life, and the creator even now says he does not intend to disappoint.

Most people know the project from music class in school, since teachers can argue it does a good job of visualizing what is making the sounds you're hearing/how it all comes together, but I've known about it since I was born because my nerd of a father liked to play me early CGI demos when I was a kid. This most likely did not impact my brain in any way.

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Also Neat

Since the first album alone is over twenty years old, it's unsurprising that a lot of the folks who saw the original have taken to making their own projects inspired by it over the years, and as the technology becomes better and more accessible, they get even more impressive and even give the originals a run for their money.

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